Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I'm as cold as ice....willing to sacrifice.......

Anything other then my knitting *grin*...........while the other day with 64 degree temps, I started to have a bit of Spring fever BUT when this ice storm hit yesterday, I gotta say, I was lovin' it. BTW, how many of you remember that song??? Foreigner *sigh* loved it then, hate it now LOL.
It is GORGEOUS when light hits the trees or the fence with ice covering it, makes it sparkle like diamonds. Now with that said, if I would have had to go pick up yarn or needles or anything knitting related, well.....THAT would NOT have made me happy heehee.

I hope it shows in these photos, but see how pretty that is? I just love it. The fence is REALLY cool too. Look at how the drips just froze in mid air almost.

It's funny cuz if you look really close, it sort of looks like that "barbed wire" but it isn't, that is ice frozen before the drips fell!! Soooo cool. Ok, 'nuff of the nature stuff.....wanna look at some knitting?

I am just now picking up my Glee again since the flu fiasco. Ohhhhh how I missed it. I just LOVE the yarn. It's a little heavier then what I expected when it's knitted into fabric, but it is still PERFECT!!

Now I know your probably wondering WHY there is 2x2 that has started shortly after the the mid section...well, I decided to change the bottom to a more flattering look for me. Now mind you, I am NOT saying I don't like the Zephyr's pattern for this, I obviously love it. I have problems with sweaters and such hitting straight at my waist and then just gathering at my hips making a muffin top bubble.....Empire type waists are very flattering on me (not tootin' any horn, just sayin'). It also gives the illusion for ME personally, that my shoulders are smaller then what they actually are. I have a rather large shoulder span for a girl. My whole female side of the family has this issue.

Ok, anyways, I decided to change the waist this way. Now I am still a little up in the air regarding the arms. Part of me wants to do long sleeves in the same 2x2 pattern from the elbow down and the other part of me wants to just do the short sleeve version..............time will tell. What do you all think?

Well, that's pretty much the knitting news, it was a little slow due to that crappy flu that decided to camp out here but things are picking up again:)

Ohhhhh, I almost forgot, Mr. DebbieKnitter and I would like to thank all of you for the emails and well wishes for his father. He is doing great. There is always a silver lining right?!

OMG, I almost forgot THIS too...................I have some REALLY cool pictures that include one of Mr. Mann...........look at his photo and see what we are ACTUALLY taking a picture of...........let's just see how observant some of you are *giggle*..................leave your guess in the comment section. Ready, Set, Go......................

I'll leave the FULL series of photo's that tell EXACTLY what we were up to on my next blog post.

In the tradition that has now started and to my delight, all of you is my blog site for the week:

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cinnamongirl93 said...

The sweater is looking great. I made a huge mistake on mine(made the wrong size) and have to frog it back a ways! Right now I'm taking a break on it. I think you should make sleeves just below the elbow. That way it's not too warm and perfect for spring. I'm glad your DH's father is doing well! Thank God! BTW I am a huge Foreigner fan. I saw then 2 years ago and had 3rd row center seats! So cool! They still sound awesome after all of these years!
Is the picture of the lunar eclipse?