Friday, March 07, 2008

LOOK hands!!!!

Hi kids. Well, well,well, lookie what we have goin' on in Ohio......we have ourselves a good ol' fashion snow storm!!

Seeeee, I took pictures. If you look at the first one REALLY close, you can see my goofy Mr. DebbieKnitter blastin' out the front door. I took another picture without him hangin' out the's hard to see him through the snow.
Notice how the front door is closed here on the porch......LOL you can see my tootsie prints as i walked down the sidewalk to take this picture.
Well, I guess now is as good a time as any to describe the house to ya'll. That big window there is the living room, some people say the "front room" (that cracks me up) . Then the little window to YOUR left is the Dining Room (have NO idea if it has any other names), then there are the upstairs windows...the left is our bedroom, the right is Mr. Mann's room....little Miss Priss is locked in the basement......KIDDING (seriously, if you KNEW her, you would get that joke) and then there is the upstairs potty room, dubbed the "Brown potty"....nooooo, not 'cuz of THAT. It's cuz it's a bathroom all done in brown and cream and silver. Very pretty actually, just not kid appealing.
The downstairs potty room is the aqua one and then there is the "Indians Room" (all done in cleveland Indians and Bamboo plant and the Kitchen and then the basement. All those rooms can't be seen from the front of the house though. So, there ya have it, kind of a Walk With Me Wednesday but on Friday and no walking ;)
I have some knitting to share but will do that later, I'm having to much fun with the snow storm. Who else is getting this storm????
Oopsie, I almost forgot, the answer to the previous post (Thank you Cinnamongirl93) is indeed the Lunar Eclipse. Mr. Mann and Mr. DebbieKnitter (GAWD we need to get him a new name) had sooo much fun taking snap shots of it and they turned out soooo cool!! Geesh, I thought for sure more would answer!!!!
Okay peeps, time for me to be outtie.......until amongst yourselves!!!


sulafaye said...

I am, I am (getting the snow, I mean!). Enjoy! ;)

cinnamongirl93 said...

We have missed the ice storm and the snow you got! Today lake effect snow from Lake Michigan. I think we are safe. I live too far from the lake to be effected. BTW cool pictures of the eclipse. How did you get then to turn out?