Sunday, July 13, 2008

Take me out to the ballgame, WHAT, no, the POOL!!

Ok, ok, I KNOW I said I would have some knitting progress to show you but, truth is, I'm a summertime slacker!

We had a busy weekend, first off, Mr.KnitterGuy had tickets to the "Tribe" and for those who know him, ya'll know he is a sports nut!!

Here are him and Mr. Mann eating in the lounge before the game!! YUMMO food is all I can say.
I gots me some handsome men in my house ya'll!!!

Then, I TRIED to get and knit, but they forced me to go to the pool. I couldn't say no....look, Mr.Mann is LOVING it.
Then of course, Ms.Priss got into the mix, what was I to do???

Takin' after her momma I tell far as confessions go, I gotta say, I was BORN to swim. I was in the pool at at a teeny age. Memories of my family swimming at my aunts house every weekend still flood my brain every time I smell chlorine......I digress.....

Well, THAT'S an easy question, I grab a cold one, get my tubey and kick back and get some rays........NEXT post I'll have knitting pics, I PROMISE!!!

Till next time my friends.....knit on!!

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anne said...

i'm sorry but it totally cracks me up that your hair looks completely dry and perfect when you're in the pool! hee-hee!