Friday, July 11, 2008


(Ok, back to our regular scheduled programming)

WOW, it's been forever and a day hasn't it?! don't answer that ;)

I hope everyone has been well and those who have read here, please stop back often and take a look around. I'm finishing up some neglected UFO's so I can get started on some FUN stuff. I am getting ready to test knit a scarf pattern by Knitspot at and will post progress photo's when I clear it with the designer first. I never know when one is allowed to post a photo of something that isn't yet out. First though, I have to pick a yarn. I am debating between several and hopefully the swatches help me pick out the one!

I will have some knitting photo's soon and more yummy tidbits. Truth is, I haven't been all that holed up in knitting. We have been doing lots and lots of swimming and poor Miss Gracie (the dog) had a vet stay to be gentle about this....fixed! She is a-ok though.

Until next time, view some pics of a family gathering with generations of knitters past, knitters present and of course future knitters ;)

Mr. KnitterGuy's grandma checks out my handiwork and is very pleased I might add. She knit both the little ones their first booties and hats. Sooooo cute I tell ya.

Mr. KnitterGuys Aunty that lives out of state got to meet Miss Priss for the very first time. She wanted to capture as many photo's as she could for memories. They grow up so very,very fast. Here, this whole time we were worried about what Miss Priss would say or do and it was ME that got caught sticking my tongue out!!! That dang Mr. KnitterGuy is gonna get it for that!FINALLY, a perfect place to set Mr.Mann and Miss Priss to keep them occupied.....give them a television and some shows they don't get to see ALL the time and BAM, serenity is mine!!!! Does that make me a bad mom LOL

Awwww, some fun "girly" times with Aunty. A glass of wine, knitting and a camera....aaaa good times, good times ;)

Till next time my friends, knit on and knit fast!!!

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