Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Public service announcement (sort of a rant too)

Read this first part, feel free to ignore the rest, it is a vent!

Motorcycles are cool..............NOT
Please keep in mind, I have personal issues as to WHY I now feel this way!
If you simply MUST have a motorcycle, for whatever the reason (and trust me, I TRULY understand any and ALL reasoning)....then PLEASE, wear a helmet. They will 97.5% of the time save your life. A helmet prevents your head from cracking on pavement and then your brain, YES, your brain from being splashed on the road. No need for visuals here.
Next, wear protective gear, jacket,goggles,gloves,boots, why you ask, so that IF something DOES happen, you are not the latest stain on the road.

With that said...thank you for the prayers, they worked!
Brad is doing great and Kimmy (his wife) needs a nice vacation ;)
I love you both.

Now for the venting or bitchiness, however you choose to view it ;) The following is just some stuff that has been really on my mind. Things I just can't figure out, or maybe I just don't get it, I dunno. Mr. DebbieKnitter says I need to just ignore these things and/or people and not even consider them/things at all, but sometimes I can't, I think to much.Soooo, I decided to write it all down and maybe someone with far more wisdom can give me the answers ( always have good advice *hint* heehee)

1.) Why are some people selfish and not others? Why do they suck you dry and then never give in return? Not that I am asking, but I have experienced where one or two people in my life have just drained me and then boom, if I need a friend or someone to talk to, ya never hear from them except weeks later
and then it is all about them....never once considering I may wanna chat...

2.) Why do some people ALWAYS think they know it all. By this, I mean, why do some people, even in casual conversation, always have to say things like..if I say "I notice the weather is hotter lately" (pure example) and their response is "Well, no actually, it's not hot, it is worse where I live" I dunno if I am explaining this right, but it's along those lines. I call them "I know it all and you don't" people....drives me nuts.

3.) Why can some people just be so arrogant and so much so, they smear it in your face and everyone Else's?

4.) Why do some people just use others? Even when they know they are using someone, they do it and never even feel bad about it?

5.) Why is it whenever I go to a restaurant, the waitress ALWAYS asks ME if I want diet coke...when it is really Mr. DebbieKnitter that I just look like the type of person who would drink it and not lemonade or tea? (just sayin')

6.) Why do some people insist in a rather insulting way, that they are much smaller in size then you are? Does it really matter? I mean gimme a break, it's insulting to hear it and just irritating.

7.) Why is it that people almost never tell you if you have spinach in between your teeth. THIS really gets me. I mean, they will let you go around smiling and chatting with every Tom,Dick and Harry with it hanging there and never say a word. I want you all to know, I WOULD tell you.

8.) Why do your children wait until the phone rings to start fighting?

9.) Why do some people say things that aren't very nice about their supposed to be friends, then pretend to be nice to them knowing full well they just spent 2 hours making fun of them in a rude the way, in case anyone (and I know ya'll would never do it) DOES do this, trust me, it ALWAYS gets back to the person who was the blunt of it all....kinda like the fart you try and sneak out so nobody hears you but then the smell follows you and EVERYONE knows it was you.

10.) Why is it that Tylenol NEVER goes on sale when you actually HAVE a waits until your fine and then has a fab sale of like 2 for 1.

Ok, I could keep going but I may cause you all to have high blood pressure. Ok, there ya have, some of my major issues right now....with all this said, I am now taking my monsters over to the Ribs Burn Off with my neighbor who is an absolute gem and I adore her. Then I am taking a nap cuz I am cranky (shocking huh lol)

Knit on my friends!


anne said...

aww, i'm sorry you feel bad . . hey i've been trying to call you this last week but not getting any answer . .

cinnamongirl93 said...

It's ok to vent. I made a rule for myself about 15 years ago to not let anyone suck the life out of me. Not family or friends, nobody. Yes, some people can be very selfish. You know who they are. Don't get involved with their problems. Politely tell them that Miss Priss is playing in the middle of the road and get off the phone. Make up some kind of excuse to ditch them. As far as them giving really wouldn't want any of their advice or counsel any how right? Get a few close friends that share your same ideas. Friends that will build you up and not tear you down. Friends that you would do anything for and they in turn feel the same way.
Your hubby is right. I know it's not easy but ignore them and the other stuff. I know it's not easy but eventually it will work.
I love the saying "Don't worry be happy". Laugh all the junk off! You have such a great sense of humor. I know you can find the humor in these issues.
Sorry this was such a long comment. I want you to know that you are a warm, kind, caring person who is a lot of fun! I love reading your blog and catching up with you! Keep blogging!

becca said...

Oh, I have to tell you that you so made my day!! I love your rants! I could relate to so many of them! Is that a good thing or not? lol!

A thought on the motorcycle topic - I really wish NO ONE would ride them on the street! My ex husband insisted on riding a bike on the street and well....someone pulled out in front of him and killed him - he was only 40 yrs old! I had begged him just months before that to get rid of it but no! Everytime I see someone on a motorcycle in traffic - I just cringe! Sorry to post such a downer but your post just got me on my soap box!

Anonymous said...

My brother and a long-ago boyfrend were nearly killed in motorcycle accidents too. I hope you feel better soon about everything. I still care.