Monday, July 14, 2008

Step it up!

Well, FINALLY, I have some knitting content..and cooking too..

I want to get some sock knitting done over the summer. I need to replenish BOTH kids sock drawers as they have shot up a size or two. Leaving behind some very lovely hand knit wool socks to get handed down to other loved ones who will have warm tootsie's.

These are Mr.Mann's Spectator socks, modeled by moi! Such a fun pattern and of course one can NEVER go wrong with Lorna Laces. That is the one tried and true sock yarn around this house besides Briar Rose's Grandma's Blessings. WHICH by the way, if you haven't already checked out Briar Rose's website, PLEASE, do so now ....let's pause for a silent tribute to one of my FAVORITE sites *whispering* now is the time to follow the

ok, back to the regularly scheduled programing;)

Mr.Mann is not 100% sold on the colorway of this particular sock BUT as I told him, GET OVER IT!! They will ALWAYS match something for church. I'm sorry but I am NOT buying anymore yarn and I have done EXCELLENT with not buying any new yarns except once at the Wooster Fiber Fest but it was all for gifts that I have already made and gave away. If you all seen my stash bins, it's a disgrace and with today's faltering economy, time for me to get cheap again. WHICH,by the way, I have no problem doing when I decide to. I have been a bit of a cheapskate this year and even more so the last 4 months or so with gas rising. I just can't justify spending more money on anymore yarn until I use a MAJOR portion of what I got. So there ya have it, my cheapskate story, plus, I am saving up for a new wheel and don't want to blow it on yarn when I can put it towards a precious new item such as a Sacht!

Back to the sock pattern at hand, my goodness, my mind and fingers wanna tell you all so much, it's hard not to stray from one topic to the next. This sock pattern is found at in here shop, also a must pattern. I can crank out a sock in the Spectator pattern in about 4 days, a definite plus when you need a gift in a short amount of time. This pattern can be both masculine AND feminine depending on the yarn weight and colorway you choose. A great way to impress your friends and give them a gift that looks like it took months to do when it was actually, quite speedy to put out.

Ahhhh, my loving Twinnings also another pattern from and can be found in her shop too. I happen to be in LOVE with this particular pattern, so much so that I have made about6 so far to date. I guess you could call me the resident expert on Twinnings:)

I must admit though, this particular Twinnings has stalled a bit, whether it be from boredom or the fact that I know it's for me so I am not pressed for time......I also have fell under the category of using it as a comfort knit lately. I grab it when I want a familiar friend to cuddle up with and share some good time knitting with. At last, I know it's time has come to go to the finish line though and soon it will be done! Till then though, isn't it just ya blame me?? I mean REALLY!

Well, last but certainly not least, I have started on a Little Nothing called Hamas. I am using my own lace weight hand spun in a champagne colorway, merino top...loves it! I wish I could remember where I got this fiber, I would love to spin up some more for a sweater for the wee (sort of) one. I will have pictures of THAT later in the week.

Geesh, all that knitting of course made me hungry so I headed into the kitchen to cute up and saute' some green pepper,red peppers, vadalia onions....mmmmm yummo

then I added some delicious and fresh chopped cilantro and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Add some stewed tomatoes and chicken, cook through until warmed all the way and then
mix with rice..........presto,dinner is served...whose coming over??

"till next time my friends, grab your knitting and call some friends!!


Danielle said...

Oooo, I'd have come over for that yummy dish :) Your twinnings is so pretty, I can see why you don't wanna finish it. It's like when you're reading a great book and you don't want it to end yet. I can't believe you've made SIX of them so far!! (you are an expert on them lol ;)

Keep knitting up your stash, I can certainly relate to being a cheap skate. Times are hard right now for almost everyone! You gotta cut corners somewhere, and unfortunately we need to eat before I buy yarn I guess lol ;)

cinnamongirl93 said...

I'm so glad to see that you are back! I have missed reading your blog! I had some down time at work and clicked on one of my favorites blogs(yours) and was thrilled to see your post!
I love you socks. What a pretty color. I also really dig Lorna's Laces. I did a Huge shawl with that yarn last summer. Beautiful fiber.
I'm going to be able to visit Briar Rose this weekend at the Midwest Fiber and Folk Art Fair. I'll say hello from you if you like. I'll also fondle as much fiber as possible for you!
I am working on my very first lace, Gust. It's coming slowly but I am enjoying it. How does your Twinning compare to Gust? Is it much more difficult? I love to color of yours!
Again, glad your back!

anne said...

wow, look at all taht knitting . . and cooking! i wanna see hamsa!