Tuesday, August 22, 2006

This is the Princess WITH the hat, now I ask you, how adorable is THAT? Dunno why the goofy website is deciding to let me post pictures now, maybe it knew I was mad at it and that I wasn't gonna come back if it didn't work!!!!!!

I am gonna try this blogger thing for a bit, not that anyone will read this, but if someone happens on it by chance, I hope they enjoy reading and veiwing the pictures.

Now what have I been working on lately well, ALOT but I have everything on hold right now so that I can finish my skirt for my littlest monkies Baptism. I worked on it for 4 days straight until 2 and 3 in the morning and couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong, well, after a wonderful Saturday of shopping with my friend Anne (I'll figure out how to link to her site later) that I FINALLY decided to sit down and really look this thing over. Well, I did and guess what...I MISS COUNTED BY 11 STITCHES.....not one or even two mind you where I could MAYBE, just MAYBE fudge it a bit since it was at the edging noooo, when I screw it up, I do it GOOD!!!! So I started COMPLETELY over in a completely different yarn....I am now using bamboo instead of the linen. No particular reason other then the linen pissed me off LOL. here is my progress thus far on it.......

Isn't that yarn GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE it. I am soooooo glad I used it. The pattern calls for 100% Alpaca but these people OBVIUOSLY did not intend on wearing the skirt for more than just the photo shoot. Alpaca has absolutely NO recovery, not to mention, it's hot and fuzzy ewwwwww!

Now onto the socks for the little Monkey Boy......I finished them and they were adorable, what's the problem you ask????? Well, they are 100% merino wool and they are handpainted...the label for them says machine wash and dry...well, normally, I would NEVER wash my knits like that. I put all that time into them, I damn sure don't wanna toss them in the washer and ruin them BUT the label said.......................so, I decided to do an experiment.....just because it says washable DOESN'T mean it's a good idea :)

Here is what they look like now.....I dunno if it shows up well or not but..........hmmmmmmmmmm, I might have to have "King 1" post this cuz for some reason, I CAN"T ughhhhhhhhhhhh!

Now mind you, this is NOT the persons fault that I bought the yarn from, she gets her yarn from another supplierand then she DIES them. Besides, I did email her and let her know what my test results were and she offered to replace the yarn OR refund my money and I think that was really sweet of her. As soon as I figure out this linking thing, I will link to her site so you can shop with her. You will not believe how amazing her yarns are.

Ok, there ya have it...............an update...............more later!

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