Sunday, August 27, 2006

I told her to say .......

EPIDERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWWWW My nephew and his wife had their baby last night, she is GORGEOUS of course...any little girl born with our family genes of course will be H-O-T !!! heehee mommy is doing great and so is daddy and baby. Poor Mom got to the hospital and she was already dilated to 5centimeters so you guessed it, by the time the ol' anesthesia guy came rolling around, it was to late BUT she had her little pumpkin 2 hours later so she did ok. What a happy little family they will be! Congrats jason and Chrissy and welcome to the world Gabby.

Now onto a little creation I finished today, I LOVE this purse and it feeds my little obsession with fabric just enough to pacify me. No, really, this bag is adorable and I have already come up with ALL kinds of variations for it floating around in my head. This is called the Record Bowl bag :

It's empty right now of course but not for long. The bottom of the bag is the LP which of course it didn't occur to me until now to photgraph it. I'll have to do that tomorrow when I have good lighting. I am still trodding along on my skirt. I made a little vow to not knit anything else until I finished it and then I found myself INTENTIONALLY avoiding the skirt. I am kinda like that, if I am being forced or forcing myself, I tend to rebel LOL. So, I decided to work on other things again and VIOLA, I am back to knitting it happily. I am one sock finished on Mikaela's trekking pink socks and the back of Mason's sweater is finished and I am working on the front now. I can't wait until that one is done, it will be soooooooooooo cute. He even likes it too. I am SHOCKED!!! Well, the proof will be in the pudding I guess.

Until tomorrow..knit on my friends!!

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